Swan Caravan

About Swan Caravan

Turkey’s innovative and leader brand:

As one of the innovative and leader brands in Turkey, Swan Caravan’s history dates back to 1996. It is a brand that was established as a vehicle renovation business, which then carried its legacy into the 21st Century. The company is known for its ability to preserve the past while representing the future that continuously develops new goals with the changing sociological and economic structure of the community. So much so, that the brand’s journey of renewal and change seems like a never-ending one.

Swan Caravan brand is known for being a part of your joy, for feelings like trust, sincerity, affinity, care for nature, and being a part of the family. Swan Karavan is a brand located in the heart of the community.

The corporate culture and principles about industrialism, administration, marketing, commerce, and relations with the community created since 1996 turned Swan Karavan into something more than just a brand. Swan Karavan’s mission is to conduct all activities with corporate administration, customer satisfaction, sustainability and an understanding of social responsibility in international standards. Our strong foundation helps us prepare a more sustainable future and embody your dreams.

“Who Are We?” Promotion Film

Camper Van Models

Swan produces unique caravans that you can use all year round with its eye-catching designs,
contemporary and spacious interiors and high features.